Who We Are

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Our Mission

To preach Christ to all people with a vision towards spiritual and biblical conversion, and to develop a culture where people are empowered through practical discipleship, to live their lives for the glory of God.

Our Vision

To be an Apostolic, kingdom-minded community of believers, exalting Christ (Matthew 28:19-20), and serving through multi-generational faithfulness.

We’re a Family

If you don’t have a strong family, consider joining ours. We’re a family oriented church. Not only as part of the family of God, but also a healthy family unit at home. We strive to provide sound biblical teaching to help all our families strengthen their bond together both at church and at home.

We Reach Up. Reach In. Reach Out.

As a church we first look to glorify God in every area we can. Not only at church, but in life. On a job, at school, in the home, at the grocery store, how can you Reach UP to glorify God?

We work Reach IN to those who join our church. To see lives not only ministered to once or twice, but transformed to be more healthy, blessed, and abundant. We will help disciple you and teach you how to love a true Christian life.

What better way to to show appreciation than by Reaching OUT to share the same blessings you’ve received. Share the message and love someone, invite someone, and help someone find the same experience you have.